Government Waste

USDA’s Catfish Program: One of the Biggest Government Boondoggles Ever

The USDA Catfish program has been targeted by the Government Accountability Office as a waste ten times. That’s more than any single government program we can find. What’s more, President Trump’s budget seeks to get rid of it labeling it a “Duplicative, Ineffective, or Lower Priority Program.” No one in Washington, outside the domestic catfish lobby and their puppets on the Hill, supports this program.

Public Citizen
“…they’ve spent about twenty million doing nothing.”

Washington Post
“The federal government could save tens of billions of dollars each year by trimming duplicative programs including catfish inspections…”

Weekly Standard
“…If you want to know what’s wrong with Washington, the catfish subsidy is a textbook example.”

“Getting rid of the duplicative catfish inspection program is a smart way to cut wasteful spending,” Shaheen told POLITICO.

Public Notice
“…the catfish inspection program is Exhibit A in when it comes to making the case that our nation’s agriculture policy is profoundly broken.”

Taxpayers Protection Alliance
“Repealing the USDA catfish inspection program is common sense, will save money, and is a step in the right direction of fiscal responsibility

Wall Street Journal
“The move [of catfish from FDA to USDA] was a boondoggle on its face. No one has ever presented evidence that catfish had been poorly regulated, or that consumers were in danger.”